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Body Treatments

Body-Treatments Body-Treatments

For centuries, men and women have turned to nature for revitalising and therapeutic treatments for the body. Warm hydrotherapy, natural essential oils, seaweed, mineral salts and timeless massage techniques all offer unique opportunities for detoxifying our bodies and revitalising our skin. Reward yourself, indulge and treat yourself to the most luxurious body spa therapies.


Hanakasumi Spa Ritual

A nourishing and relaxing body ritual inspired from Japanese tradition to protect and embellish the skin with Asian fragrances and protective emollients.

Warmed cherry blossom rice powder exfoliant and aromatic shea butter with deep foot massage relaxes you, leaving the outside world behind and sending you on a sensual voyage through orchards of cherry trees in bloom… cocooned in bliss!

Emerge from your luxurious ultra-pampering treatment experience refreshed and nourished in body, with bliss in mind and spirit. A revitalised whole, balanced in harmony.

1 hr - $158.00

Anti Stress Treatment

Begin with a dry body exfoliation to smooth your skin and stimulate your lymphatic system to rid your body of unwanted toxins. An application of warm clay with beautifully scented essential oils is applied to your skin while you relax and de-stress. You will be cocooned while you enjoy a gorgeous scalp massage and drift off into dreamland in your beautifully designed candlelit treatment room. A nourishing body moisturiser will leave your skin soft and smooth.

1 hr - $149.00

Aromatherapy Body Exfoliation

Using beautifully scented essential oils with mineral sea salt, your body will be exfoliated to remove your tired dull skin, revealing fresh revived and smooth skin. A nectar of body hydration will hydrate and protect your new skin. A gorgeous scalp massage will complete your time of indulgence.

45 mins - $99.00

Coconut and Vanilla Body Exfoliation

Renew your skin with a full body exfoliation using the beautiful scents of coconut and vanilla.

45 mins - $99.00

Pure Back Scrub

This is like a facial for your back, our hard to reach area does get neglected, so it's a fantastic area to have treated.

You will start with a thorough double cleanse, we will then exfoliate your entire back with a hot salt scrub, a steam will follow to soften the impurities in your skin and extractions are performed if needed. A detoxifying Algae Mask is applied all while you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage an application of a hydrating body cream follows to complete your treatment.

45 mins - $98.00

Mineral Salt Back Scrub

15 mins - $45.00

Pomegranate and Jojoba Leg Exfoliation

Bring life back into your dry scaly lower legs.

Hydrate and smooth your dry legs with a pomegranate and jojoba leg exfoliation, a soothing hot towel followed by a hydrating moisturise.

10 mins - $35.00