Ear Piercing

Ear-Piercing Ear-Piercing

Using the latest Caflon design machines and individually sterilized equipment, we can pierce one ear at a time or both ears at the same time. Our fully trained beauty therapists will look after you or your loved one.

With our large range of earrings you will be sure to find something to suit you. If you need something in particular we are more than happy to order it in for you.

After care treatment lotions and earrings will be provided and we will explain to you how to ensure a healthy healing process of your new ear piercing.


Dual Ear Pierce

Do you want your ears pierced but don't want to have one done then chicken out of the second one?

Here's your answer! 2 Beauty Therapists will perform your dual ear piercing at the same time. It's quick and easy!

* Includes complimentary ear care solution.

15 mins - $68.00

Ear Pierce

Whether it's your first ear pierce or your second time round your fully trained beauty therapist will look after you.

* Includes complimentary ear care solution.

15 mins - $51.00