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Hydrotherapy Spa

Our exclusive hydrotherapy spas are situated adjacent to each other in a private setting, providing an ideal environment for relaxation with a companion. During your time in the hydrotherapy spas, you will be treated to a refreshing beverage along with a bowl of seasonal fruits and high-quality chocolate. Each spa is meticulously cleaned and refilled with fresh water before your session, ensuring a chemical-free experience without the use of chlorine or other harmful substances.

  • Indulge in a tranquil treatment room illuminated by flickering candles, while being enveloped in the calming scents of essential oils. The body's largest organ, the skin, possesses an incredible ability to absorb and filter toxins, as well as deliver essential nutrients to the body. In cases where the digestive system struggles to absorb minerals like magnesium, a damaged gut can hinder the process. However, magnesium baths offer a solution by allowing the mineral to be absorbed directly through the skin, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract and reaching the tissues and cells. Magnesium salts provide numerous benefits, including stress relief, alleviation of muscle aches, improved circulation, enhanced nutrient absorption, headache relief, accelerated wound healing, better sleep, treatment of acne and eczema, alleviation of joint pain, soothing of skin reactions, and improved skin hydration. During your magnesium salt spa experience, you can savor a choice of beverages such as champagne or juice, accompanied by a bowl of fresh seasonal fruit and a delectable Lindt chocolate. As you recline, let the jets massage your weary muscles, releasing tension and soothing your soul.

    30 minutes - $77.00
  • Unwind in a tranquil treatment space illuminated by candles and filled with calming scents of essential oils. Indulge in a relaxing hydrotherapy session while sipping on your preferred beverage, whether it be champagne, juice, accompanied by a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits, and a delectable Lindt chocolate. Lie back and allow the jets to knead away your weary muscles, easing the stress and comforting your spirit. Simply heavenly!

    30 minutes - $68.00